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  • Are they purses? Or artwork?
    Both! These are primarily usable fashion accessories that will stand up to occasional light use provided you protect them from moisture, abrasion to the outside surfaces of the purse, and collision with a hard surface. They are decoupaged paper over cigar boxes using a protective hard coat medium. Stones and other ornamentation are glued on as securely as possible. I replace all inadequate hardware that comes on the cigar boxes with sturdier latches and hinges. Purse handles and hardware are attached with screws. These are also one-of-a-kind artwork. Each of the boxes has natural qualities and imperfections that make it unique. Some boxes are even rare, since cigar companies are con stantly changing or discontinuing their packaging designs. They can be displayed on a side table or on a hook on the wall when not in use for a gorgeous feminine art addition to a boudoir. When carrying your purse to a restaurant or public space, just set it safely off to the side away from possible hazards.
  • How do I care for my purse?
    In addition to the suggestions in the first FAQ, keep your purse out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. Avoid extremes of either dryness and humidity. The cigar boxes have gone from starting out in a humidor to my studio in the dry desert of Central Oregon, so they have likely been in both extremes. They should be stable, but I cannot guarantee what they will do in your environment. Lightly wipe dust off of them on occasion with a soft, dry cloth. Never use water, soap, or household cleaners.
  • How much stuff that I normally carry can the box purses hold?
    I always post dimensions of the purses that I am selling, both inside and out. You'll want to make sure that your cell phone will fit inside. As phones have gotten bigger, some of the purses that used to hold common phones no longer do. I view my purses as "special night out" purses, so as long as a phone fits, I have been able to also carry my small wallet, or cash and a credit card, my keys, and a cosmetic item or two, like lipstick and powder. I use a pouch inside if I don't want items to be making noise. It is a wooden box, after all.
  • What about tobacco odor?
    For every purse I sell, I try to describe the tobacco odor, and if any is present. In many cases, there is no detectable odor, but that's according to my nose. Some people are more sensitive to smells than others. I do not believe any amount of cigar smell in my purses is strong enough to impart onto items you might carry in the purse. If you do not enjoy the smell of cigar boxes or fresh tobacco, you may want to avoid my purse artwork.
  • Do you use leather or other animal hides/products in making your purses?
    While I cannot claim my purses are "vegan", I strive to never apply animal hides in my art. If something requires an element to have the qualities of leather, I use sustainable products like cork fabric. Anything that appears to be any kind of reptile hide is actually embossed paper. On occasion, I do use feathers, and I try to use "humane" feathers that are dropped naturally by the birds. I love using horsehair tassels due to their beauty and sustainability.
  • Do you make your own purse handles?
    Where ever you see an embossed handle, it is one I made. I also have a vast collection of vintage handles of every sort that I use. All the handles I use are attached with screws for security.
  • Do you sell and ship your furniture artwork?
    As of this writing, the furniture items featured on this website are already spoken for. Unfortunately, I only sell furniture artwork locally due to prohibitive shipping costs.
  • Do you ever do work on commission?
    No, I don't work on commission.
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