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The label on this classic, true trapezoidal cigar box features a winged angel baby piloting an "aircraft" made of a rose stem and other branches, and powered through the air by a blue butterfly.  Heavy rose reliefs and gold coins embellish the front on aither side of the label. Ths sides of this purse feature even more reliefs and detail. The top and bottom of the purse are embossed and have a subtle bronze shimmer.


The latch and hinge hardware are gold colored. The ombre blue handle is stationary and features  more embellishment and an attached tassel. Underneath the purse are translucent glass rounded feet.


The interior lid features a feather pattern in an Art Nouveau style, with vintage French paper border and green paper embellishment. The complementary pattern inside the purse is a marbled paper. There is a 3 inch diamter mirror. An extraordinarily gorgeous purse and a true labor of love!



    Overall Dimensions, top to bottom, including handle:

    9 3/4 (in)


    Trapezoid Box Exterior Dimensions:

    from its widest 9 to its narrowest 7 1/2 (in)


    Outside depth:

    3 1/4 (in)


    Trapezoid Box Exterior Dimensions: from its widest 8 to its narrowest:

    6 1/2 (in)


    Interior depth:

    2 1/2 (in)


    Please read FAQs about care and use of purse artwork.

    Special qualities: this purse is very sturdy, but care should be given not to accidentally scrape the rhinestones. This purse has a very slight to nearly no cigar smell.


    Due to the handmade, one-of-a-kind nature of my artwork purses, I do not accept returns.

    Please examine the photos of the item closely to see any intrinsic flaws and imprefections in these upcycled art pieces. The substrate that I decorate is a wooden box manufactured by another entity outside of my control. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about this item. Feel free to contact me.

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