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To whoever made this rose paper, for I cannot recall where I got it: do you know me??? It's like you know me. Neon colors used in a formal traditional design. Yes please. I. Love. This. Paper. This purse is pure elegance. The back of the purse is covered with Anaglypta wallpaper, painted shiny gold. Of course. The stationary handle is reliefed in flower embellishments, and gilded in gold leaf with the addition of sparkles here and there.


The snap latch has a peachy colored pearl adornment. Both latch and hinge hardware are gold colored. The perfectly color-matched double tassel is removable. The purse sits on light orange glass rounded feet, that also match the paper perfectly..


Inside is pure glam. A vintage dainty rose pattern with glitter, German foils, and more Anaglypta wallpaper in stripes. There is a small mirror attached to the inside of the lid. Just gorgeous!

Rose & Gold


    Height, top to bottom, including handle:

    10 9/16 (in)


    Outside Width:

    7 (in)


    Outside depth:

    2 5/16 (in)


    Interior Dimensions:

    6 5/8 Tall X 5 Wide X 2 3/8 Deep (in)


    Please read FAQs about care and use of purse artwork.

    Special qualities: this purse is moderately sturdy. This purse has a slight to virtully no discernable cigar smell.


    Due to the handmade, one-of-a-kind nature of my artwork purses, I do not accept returns.

    Please examine the photos of the item closely to see any intrinsic flaws and imprefections in these upcycled art pieces. The substrate that I decorate is a wooden box manufactured by another entity outside of my control. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about this item. Feel free to contact me.

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