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A true cigar box purse, this cigar brand's unique trapezoid shaped box is a classic. There are small and larger versions of this box. This is the small version. The label is a very quirky image featuring a bronze bust, some wheat, and a blue and white plate featuring a lobster, a duckling and a fish. The plate says "Victorious" and has a red beaded necklace draped across it. I wish I knew the significance of the image. It's for someone else to create a story around. I added more "Victory" themed elements, and cigar banner labels so that there is no mistaking that this is a cigar box. In keeping with cigar box label tradition, two small gold coins embellish the front along with some beading and shine.


Paper foils and rhinestones frame the front and back sides. The latch and hinge hardware are gold colored. The warm yellow acrylic fold down handle is vintage. The purse rests on red translucent glass rounded beads. The multi-colored pillow tassel is removable.


As you open the purse, the interior lid is striped vertically with French vintage wallpaper border, foil border and glitter striping. There is a 2 inch diamter mirror. The paper is a complementary pairing of blue papers. This purse is truly gorgeous.



    Overall Dimensions, top to bottom, including handle: 10 1/5 (in)

    Trapezoid Box Exterior Dimensions: from its widest 9 to its narrowest 7 1/2 (in)

    Outside depth: 3 1/4 (in)

    Trapezoid Box Exterior Dimensions: from its widest 8 to its narrowest 6 1/2 (in)

    Interior depth: 2 1/2 (in)

    Please read FAQs about care and use of purse artwork.

    Special qualities: this purse is very sturdy, but care should be given not to accidentally scrape the rhinestones. This purse has a discernable cigar smell.


    Due to the handmade, one-of-a-kind nature of my artwork purses, I do not accept returns.

    Please examine the photos of the item closely to see any intrinsic flaws and imprefections in these upcycled art pieces. The substrate that I decorate is a wooden box manufactured by another entity outside of my control. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about this item. Feel free to contact me.

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