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ChickieLou Studio Update

October Greetings and thank you for stopping by! Admittedly, much too much time has passed since my last update. I'll just get the personal news out of the way. My husband and I have been dedicating the last year (and then some) in preparation to sell our company that has been our working careers since 2002. This has not allowed me to work in the studio and pursue my passions in the way that I would like, that is with focus and most importantly, full time. All that hopefully changes in January 2024. Also slowing me down are some nagging health issues, one being some fairly severe anxiety. What's upsetting about that is that the medicine for my anxiety is the act of creating my art. It's been frustrating to not be able to finish a ton of projects. But rest assured, I have been busy in spite of it all. And I have plans for future projects for ChickieLou. Now we have the winter holidays coming up and for now, that means more behind-the-scenes efforts rather than products.

Here's what's coming up for Q1 2024:

-Two new cigar box purses. One in collaboration with E Lorraine Art and Designs Go check out her website! I got very excited when I saw her lovely pour paint patterns and thought they would make such lovely ground images for some of my work. I've picked a beautiful image that I want to work with and hopefully you will see more of Eve's work featured in the future.

- I'm hoping to ramp up local offerings of my furniture. My first offering will likely be this bombe chest. I'm only giving a sneak peek, but it will not look like this when it is done. But check out that yum yum color!

Generally speaking, it is my plan to create at least 8 cigar box purse art pieces and two furniture flips per year. (Clearly, "retirement" or whatever next year is cannot come soon enough!)

I'd love to be able to predict if I can check in one more time before the year ends, but in the even that it's not possible, I wish you a peaceful and joyous holiday season and look for me again in 2024!

With love, and thanks for your support of my art,

-Sonya Lee

Christmas Ornaments in progress

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