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New Summer Purse: Rose & Gold

Featuring Anaglypta wallpaper.

There are many ways I incorporate texture into my creative projects. I use embossing folders with my Sizzix "Big Shot" embosser all the time. Since my projects are small, A4 paper run through an embosser creates a sheet of paper that is the perfect size for my purses. Some years back, I purchased one roll of Anaglypta (brand) paper wallpaper at a substantial discount on the the now-defunct shopping site, Zulily. The pattern is called "Derby" and they still make this pattern over at Anaglypta in Gainsborough Lincolnshire, in the U.K. I just loved it for this destined-to-be-gold tall purse made from a Partagas cigar box. This is a true paper wallpaper. No PVC, and no vinyl. It is made to be painted, therefore it accepts paint exceptionally well. See the second photo below.

I mean... WOW.

This called for an ornate textured, embellished stationary handle, of my own creation and design. All gilded in gold leaf. There's no substitute for it. Paint will never get the results of gold leaf. Even the photo doesn't capture the gleam. Glitter in the nooks and crannies completes the glam.

Another look, with that handle in focus

The contrast of this very unusual paper, with its subtle pink background and eye-popping neon roses makes the gold in the rest of the purse almost neutral in effect. I can also envision this wild, painterly, rose-themed paper with silver metallics as well. A future project, perhaps.

Glass rounded purse feet

And there is no more perfect match for a tassel set. Nope.

If you also recognized the paper used in this purse as that used on the purse on the Home page of my website, you have a very good eye.

"Patina", vertigris treatment

As of this post, "Rose & Gold" is available for sale.

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