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"Glacier" purse and E Lorraine Art and Designs

I am so happy and honored to be presenting a purse incorporating the ethereal, fluid, and gorgeous paint pour work of E Lorraine Art and Designs. The image titled Glacier 3 is the image you see here, front and back, on my creation.

"Glacier" cigar box purse, front view
"Glacier", front view

"Glacier", cigar box purse, back
Back view

When I first perused Eve-Angeline's website and my eyes took in all the color, the movement and the imagination shown in the work there, I was like the proverbial kid in a candy shop! I knew I had to incorporate one of these images in my work. Eve and I discussed the Glacier 3 piece and how it put a spell of inspiration on me for a cigar box purse artwork. I simply love the "chill", Arctic feeling, and the depth of mood. I only knew I wanted to make the complementary colors on it blue and steely. But I wound up using a paper with almost the fire and iridescence of a butterfly wing, which plays off the iridescence of the Glacier 3 image. The temperature is definitely not cool, but I feel the depth and dimension makes the match a compatible one.

"Glacier" cigar box purse, irridescent sides
Fiery, irridescent! It really is this shiny.

The next layer is a paper cake doily painted black and then laid over the blue "butterfly wing" paper. A hell of a lot of work, but the effect was worth it. I WILL be using this technique again. So much is new and different with this purse.

"Glacier" cigar box purse, cake doily
Painted cake doily.

Inside, was a challenge. I must have had every paper I owned that would be reasonably complimentary out on my table. I'm afraid I did cut some pieces that never made it into the purse. There was a lot of indecision, particularly on whether to go dark or bring some light into this purse. Ultimately, the light won. Even a little bit of glitter (those blue stripes on either side of the mirror) ended up inside. And yep, those are also stripes made from the Glacier image.

Another new element for me with this purse. Stenciled edges on the lid and back of the purse.

"Glacier" cigar box purse, stenciled edges
Stenciled box edges

Wowwee! I still love how it turned out and it compliments the beige rose paper inside.

The handle was also decorated with doily bits, in a"metalicized" treatment to look like nickel. Next, the pom pom tassel was constructed with 2 poms that waited forever in my stash, for just the perfect project with coordinating steely grey. I attached velvet ribbon to the pom poms in the only two colors I had of the stuff, and it was a perfect match. I also painted up and bejeweled some beads to sit atop the pom poms for a touch of shimmer.

This was about the time in the creative process when it dawned on me that the colors in Eve's "Glacier 3" are just such an uncommonly unique and unusual combo and that was why I was so attracted to it to begin with. Truly, I don't think I have ever worked in colors like these. If you haven't looked at the image of Glacier 3, do look now. Those colors, together, are deep and dimensional like glacial ice or blue diamonds. Let me know what you think of when you see those colors together.

I also want to share a home project I did employing a different image from E Lorraine Art and Designs. This was a gorgeous image I made into a screen to cover up some unsightly equipment next to my 12 gallon lowboy island style aquascape, and was causing me a fair amount of anxiety. I already had the larger screen, but I needed a bit more coverage to block a wall plug. The shorter size next to the large screen and the coordinating color palette made it look like a part of the room where your eyes WANT to go. No more anxiety. I could not be more pleased with how it turned out.

I do hope you'll check our Eve-Angeline Mitchell's other work on her website. She works in so many gorgeous colors, for every taste and palette, I am certain you will love her work as much as I do.

Thanks for checking out this piece, my most recent labor of love. And thank you to Eve-Angeline Mitchell for inspiring me on this and for being so lovely in letting me use her beautiful work.


-Sonya Lee

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